A new plan to help the Dickson group centre grow and thrive includes temporary changes to make Woolley Street and the village area more people-focused.

The Dickson Place Plan has been created in collaboration with the local community and builds on the area’s existing character.

City Renewal Authority chief executive Malcolm Snow said the actions in the plan included annual festivals, smaller events, temporary streetscape changes, increased public art and the creation of a Dickson-specific grants program.

“Dickson already has a strong identity and we want to make the centre an even more enjoyable and exciting place to be,” Mr Snow said.

“The short, medium and long-term actions in the Dickson Place Plan are a road-map to help strengthen and improve Dickson’s identity as the area continues to evolve and grow.

“As well as community-driven events and activities the City Renewal Authority is also looking at a trial project to upgrade the public spaces along Woolley Street, as well as a temporary park within the Dickson village area with hang-out spaces, skate facilities, games and play spaces.”

Implementing the actions in the plan will require co-operation between government, the community and the private sector.

“Some of the actions in the place plan are for government to undertake but others will be delivered by the community or the private sector,” Mr Snow said.

“Creating a great place requires a committed community and Dickson is well placed, with a highly-engaged and motivated community.

“Establishing the MyDickson Town Team was a result of the engagement process to create the place plan and the City Renewal Authority looks forward to working alongside these dedicated community members to help Dickson reach its potential.”

The 29 recommended actions in the Dickson Place Plan range from short-term temporary improvements to larger, permanent changes.

“A place plan is a living document and we don’t need to implement all of these actions to be successful so we expect these actions to change and adapt as Dickson evolves,” Mr Snow said.

“We have already started working on several of these actions, including supporting the establishment of the town team, and we will continue to work with other government agencies, the community and the private sector on other actions in the place plan.”

The My Dickson Town Team is holding a street party on Wooley Street this Friday (21 December) and the City Renewal Authority will be on site 4pm-6pm to discuss the place plan.

Click here to view the Dickson Place Plan.