If you are a Dickson regular, you may have noticed a large gateway entry sign at the beginning of Woolley Street. This is part of the City Renewal Authority’s Dickson Place Plan to revitalise Woolley Street, Dickson over the next three months.

The trial aims to improve the accessibility and amenities of the public spaces in Dickson’s dining district

The first phase of the project has seen the construction of a decorative entry gate at the southern entry to Woolley Street, festoon lighting and cherry blossom trees brought in to liven up the area.

The project will also see some parking bays converted into short-stay bays for convenient quick takeaway pickups. It will also trial modifications to traffic flow and parking in the Dickson centre to alleviate the crowded and often logjammed street.

City Renewal Authority chief Malcolm Snow said this about the project.

“The City Renewal Authority worked closely with the local community to create the Dickson Place Plan, a road map to strengthen and improve Dickson’s identity as the area continues to evolve and grow,” Mr Snow said.

“Some of the actions in the plan, developed in consultation with the community, included festivals, smaller events, public streetscape changes along Woolley Street, and public art.”

“The activities and events have been designed to encourage both residents and visitors to explore and engage with local businesses,” he said. “The feedback from all our temporary projects will give us important information to inform the long-term renewal of the area.

“Together, we hope to create a better, brighter Dickson for people to work, live, play and experience, now and into the future.”

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